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Please read the following rules to see if you can affilate with SMR. If you fail affiltion, see if you pass as a link.
1) Must be a gaming website or forum.
2) Must include a link to SMR on every page.
3) No illegal download-ables
4) Mim. use of swearing.
5) Small button (81x33 recommended)
6) Active forum (if forum is applying)
1) Does not have to be gaming related
2) Does not have to have a button
3) Unactive forums to not matter
4) Include SMR on at least one page.
5) See #3 and #4 on Affilation
6) Cannot be an affilate
If you pass either these of these, please drop me a line at the forums or e-mail with the following things
1) Site/Forum URL
2) Site/Forum Button or URL where button is located
3) Page of where SMR link can be found (links only)
4) Your E-mail Address
I'll check in on your site from time to time to see if we are still affilated/linked. At anytime our link is removed (unless I am contacted about it, the site is going through a new layout) your link/affilation will be removed and not affilated with again.
I can choose at any time to remove you from our site.