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August 2005

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8/30/05 - MP3's, Links, and School
All MP3's have been take down due to corrupt files when trying to access them. This will be fixed shortly before they will be added again/ Please check back for further updates.
I start school tomorrow. This means I'll have less time to work on the site forums seeing how 10th grade prepares us for the Ohio Graduation Test. If i get ajob I'll have even less time to work on the site. Do not expect any updates more than twice a week.
Also, we have a new link. Go to the Links page t see who it is.
8/23/05 - Thinking
I'm thinking about getting a new lauyout for the website. I'm not 100% sure on this, and if I do the site will be down while I recode pages and all that junk.
I have removed two affilates from our menu. I recieved e-mails from both their webmasters stating SMR would be added. Days later, nothing has happened. If I am to see us get added, then I will add them again.
I may add MP3's slowly, update by update. Not sure, think thinking.
8/19/05 - MP3's!!!
I've finally uploaded all of the requested SM64 MP3's. Alot of songs had 1's by them so I had to choose four to add. Sorry if a song didn't get put on.
I will not be able to update until Monday. I will be on the forums until later this evening. From then I won't be on until mid-day Sunday. I'm activeso this is warn so I'm not as dead.
8/18/05 -  Another!
We have one more affilate joining us. Beyond battles, a site bringing you information on SSB and SSBM in a different twist.
I'll be adding the MP3's within the next few days after seeing which ones people want. I need to format them and then upload which may take time.
8/15/05 - More Affilates
Avioded Destiny and Red Yoshi's Room join the gang today.
Today I'll be checking the forums to see what Mp3's people want and add them as so.
8/12/05 - More Affilates!
We have another affilate, Mario's Mansion! This site is dedicated to bringing information from the Mario games on the N64, Revolution and more!
8/11/05 - Another Affilate
Edit: We are now awaiting the approval of our last affilate. We gained a new one, which wasn't planned on but is anyways.
We have another affilate, Bowser's Castle. A forum about various things in the gaming world such as Sony and Nintendo. Check it out and join them!
I will not be adding the MP3's anytime soon. If yo want to be up, please join the forum and vote on the 5 out of 10 you want to see posted. This as much as I can offer.
We have one more affilate coming, just waiting for replies.
8/9/05 - Affilate
We have a new Affilate, Video Game Music Emproium. They offer music via their forum so please 'em out.
8/7/05 - Site Opening!
Super Mario Rebirth is finally open! It's taken along while to create and is about SM64 if hadn't guessed yet. There is not much for in an introduction on our first day so join the forums which are already soemwhat active.
Aslo, we ae looking for affilates. If you would like to become one please check out the Affilation page