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Beta Super Mario 64? You bet! I personally haven't found alot of information on the beta version but I have researched and found many pictures of SM64 before its release.
There is no way to play the Beta Version of SM64 or any other Beta game. These are test versions on computers hidden away in the company building. No roms exists because the game was never released. Do not e-mail me about how to get the Beta SM64. If you do, you are saying I can add your e-mail address to the Wall of Stupidity.


There are some things wrong with this picture. Notice the large rock pillar on the left of the shot. In the final Version, this is not there. Why remove this pillar?
Maybe the pillar was added to make it seem more like a mountain and not a plateu. Or maybe you threw King Bob-omb into it and it did extra damage? Many questions left unknown.
If you look closely, the picture by Mario's remaining lives looks like that of Paper Mario's face. The numbering/lettering remains the same of course.
The coin and star icons are also changed as well. This is probaly because they changes the eway the coins/stars looked or it seems to absract for a Mario game.


Some changes are noticiable in this shot as well. Notice how the Power Meter is different. It isn't like the wooden Mario we have today. It is more Bullet Bill shaped. I don't see why Nintendo would change this, maybe because people wouldn't get the reffernce to Bullet Bill.
Also, looking how the numbering is. It is different than the redish orange styling we have today. The 2-digit numbers are different colors and are of a different font. I have read this is how the Japanese numbers looked in SM64. The Mario, coin adn star pics are still the same however.

This is the only picture on the entire site that is not thumbnailed.
Bowser's shell and skin texturing have changed. Bowser does look more noticeable with the different green coloring. This is another unknown question to change the texture. Maybe slow run-time on the 64.
Once again, same font and icons.


This is possibly an earlier version of Dire, Dire Docks. The walls appear to be made of metal like that where Bowser's Submarine is located.
The Power Meter does look slightly different. The slices of power looks to have a bubble design on them representing air rather than Power/life.
Once more, the earlier fonts and icons are used. This was probaly taken during its earlier stages of development.


Not much has changed in the Boo Mansion level. The Power Meter and Fonts are the way they are in the final version but the icons are still the same.
But look at Big Boo.  He looks different. There is no blue shadow under his eyes and his mouth is a deeper red and is curved. He does look a bit mencing. He was probaly changed to look like a larger boo (who weren't changed) or they didn't like this Boo's appearnce.
Big Boo is more transparent and there appears to be a key or a candle inside of him. Strange.



Power Meter and fonts are up to date but icons haven't changed. There is one difference.
Look at Pokey. He has a larger smile than he does today. He probaly looked this way at one point but changed so he looked more like his kin.


This looks to be a really early shot of Lethal lava Land after defeating the Big Bully.
Icons are the same and the strange font is still in place. The Star you earn looks completely different. It doesn't seem to turn, just hover. Also, the blocks that fall seem to have a longer wait before falling into the lava. Possibly changed to give it more of a Challenge when crossing.
The Stars didn't change until later when the Star icon was changed. The two seem to look alike and probaly why the changes occured.


This shot is from the early stage in development. number fonts and icons are the same.
The Thowp's faces are more darkened and appear more hardthen today's final produce.
this makes me think that many of the enemies went under appearence changes before the Final Version.
Pokey, Boo and Thowp seem to have slight changes to them.