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September 2005

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9/28/05 - Finally...
I've Finally gotten the MP3's up! If you'd like to download them you can go to the MP3's section or find it through the forums.
9/26/05 - MP3's
I've been compressing all the MP3 files to ZIP. This takes up 45 MB or so. I will have them uploaded to the site this Firday through Savefile. I would have uploaded them earlier but my computer was down.
9/19/05 - Things to come and more.
We have 1 new link making a total of 2. Please e-mail if you'd like to be on our Links page.
MP3's will NOT be added any time soon. It may be until December when I find great amounts of free time to add them.
I have a SM64 review coming up by Thursday or Friday. Staff of SMR may write a review of it as well.
Super Mario Sunshine content may be on its way. I'll have to research characters, courses, etc because I don't remember anything from my time playing it.
More MIDI's will come when I get time to add them. They will be in table format and grouped by Song name. If you have (a) MIDI(s), you are welcomed to send them in.
Affilates display has changed. It is now listed as a drop down menu.
9/18/05 - Affilates
Two new affilates added. Zelda 101 - a huge site covering Nintendo, and Peach's Castle - A forum dedicated to Princess Peach. Check out if you want.
9/17/05 - Minor Updates
I am working on getting a new set of MP3's so I may re-add them to the site. With school going on, this will take time. Please stand by.
Also fixed the font on the DYK page.
I will be adding two affilates when I can access my images on my computer.
Please check out my other website, about James Bond.
9/15/05 - New Page
I've added a new page entitled Did You Know?. Oddities about SM64 are listed on thsi page. I'll try to keep this page updated when I learn of more facts.
9/11/05 - We honor...
SMR staff honors those lost to the violent Terrorist attacks on America four years ago. Thousands lost their lives as the WTC fell in New York.
We ask that sometime during the rest of today, you send a prayer out to the families of the victems of the terrorist actions.
On a side noye, we have a new affilate. Luigi's Domain.
9/10/05 - Section buttons
On the left Navi-menu, there are now buttons sectioning off the various parts to SMR. It is more notiable and more attractive.
Super Mario Sunshine MP3's may be added along with other SMS media. This is still be debating on the forums, which you should join if you want to see is on SMR.
9/8/05 - Slowing down
Updates will still be VERY SLOW. I may not be able to update for awhile, although you can always catch me on various forums.
9/2/05 - Change!
The URL to Bowser's Castle has changed. The button will also change when it is made.
9/1/05 - Affiltates and changes.
I will be doing a Top Affilates type thing. Basically, The 5 sites that give the site most traffic or hits will be listed on the first row and other site will be below them.
I have added a new forum to the affilates. Check 'em out and join.
Also, August Updates have been moved to the Archive.