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10/6/05 - SL Course 1!
Finally got a SL guide done. Course 1, and i plan to have one added each Thursday.
10/5/05 - Slowing down.
When I first added the MP3's, and according to Tripod, we were getting 55+ page views a day. Tripod counts and records every page viewed, not page like Extreme Counter does (unless it is placed on every pagre of course). This is a let down now. It is at 15. I know I promised to get the font size changed, and SL guides added but formatting a webpage and then creating the data for it is alot of work that my time is not allowing in. Please, please hang in there until the holidays when i don't do much.
VGME link has been redirected to the new site. Please check it out!
Also, check out Order of Winged Angels and our own SMR forums!
10/3/05 - Misunderstanding...
SMR forums are back.

I thought we'd merge with NFN and become one. however, all be did was apply for affilation. Under that, we can still have the forums up I've changed the Menu link back to SMR forums. NFN is still an affilate however.
I have not gotten the font sizes fixed uyet. I'm planning this for the 21st or sooner.
Also, I've added to more sites/forums under the affilation menu. Both our my other forum and site, so check them out!
10/2/05 - Mergance!
The SMR forums will merge with thew Nintendo Forum Network. They have been added in the affilates box. the SMR forums have closed as a result.
I udnerstand alot of the font may look strange. I am resizing it all. This will be finished in a few days.
10/1/05 - Archives
September Updates have been moved to the Archive.
I would have added several Star Locations this weekend butwith new events arising I haven't found time for the SL guide. If you'd like to help out with a SL, then please check out the news in the forums.