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Here is a list of Staff member and a little about them. These are not their real names, just forum names so no confusion is stirred.

Name: Zephyrus
Job: Site Owner, Worker on every section, Main Forum Admin
Age: 15.9
Gender: Male
Location: United States
E-mail: evildragonx4ATaol[dot]com
Messnger: (MSN) evildragonx4ATaol[dot]com
Fav. Games: Super Mario 64, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Smash Bros: Melee, GTA: Vice City, Super Mario RPG, Pokemon Gold/Silver, Final Fantasy VII, Perfect Dark, Pokemon FireRed, GTA: San Andreas, GoldenEye 007, Final Fantasy X
Fav. Game Music/Soundtrack: Ones to the games above
I first got into video games when I was three. I wasn't good then. We owned a NES and then got a SNES in '96. We had most Mario games for it and some others which I don't remember. I then got a N64 in '99. I've had SSB, SM64, PD, GoldenEye, PKMN Stadium, Marty Party and that may be it. The game year I got a GBC and SMB DX. I then Got Pokemon Red and then Blue, and the Yellow which was released one day before my birthday. '00 I got a PSX and Gex, the two James Bond games, South Park, and a few others. Same year I got PKMN Silver and Crystal. '02 I received a GCN with SSMB and Agent Under Fire. I've had various GCN games but I only have Mario Kart: DD!! and the first I received. 03' I received a PS2 with various games, GTA: VC and FFX. I also recieved a GBA. '04 I got the new PS2 and an SP. Now much else about my gaming history.

Name: heartless bowser
Job: Spriter, moderater for forums
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Location: The Netherlands
Email Address:
Messneger Address: N/A
Fav. Game(s): Kingdom Hearts, The pokemon series, Most of all (Paper) Mario Games, Final Fantasy games, Sonic Adventure 1, 2 and Sonic heroes
Tales of Symphonia
Fav. Game Song/Soundtrack: Favorite song: The deep end; Kingdom hearts
Fav. soundtrack: Kingdom Hearts
Your site/forum URL: coming soon!

I got a Game boy when i was 3 years old. After that point i didnīt stop gaming and iīm not planning to stop with gaming my whole life.

Name: blue_kirby2
Job: Moderator for the forums
Age: N/A
Gender: Male
Location: Canada
Email Address:
Messenger Address: (MSN & AIM)
Favorite Game(s): All of the Mario RPGs and the classic SMB games
Favorite Game Song/Soundtrack: My #1 favorite is the entire score for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. The two composers really put a lot of effort into these compositions, and I'm amazed!

Second and third favorites are Kingdom Hearts and The Simpsons Hit & Run

Forum URL:

I was five years old when I started playing the classic SMB for the NES. Since then I have been a Mario fan and I will keep going